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We offer a huge range of Sports Equipment and Activities for outdoor events. A huge range of fun games, sports items and a full range of support equipment. Including games like Rounders, Basketball, Softball, Archery, Dartboards,Football Goals, Skool Sports Sets, Boxing and Volleyball and so much more.
Prices to include Delivery, Setting Up, Breakdown and Collection. Staffing/supervision available on request. We will always deliver as many items as possible in one vehicle to save on transport costs. For a quick price please call us on 01424 775450 or e mail info@impact-events.co.uk

Softball (set) hire , Hire and organise your own softball games with friends and work associates.We hire you everything you need for a day, week or longer generally for up to 20 players at one time.. Equipment is top quality in excellent condition and several sets are always available at a great price. Organise a Tournament for staff, friens and or business associates. Giant Scalextric Hire. ( Scalectrix Hire ) Boasting an impressive overall size of 4.27 metres by 2.44 metres , our Giant Scalextric offers six racing lanes, allowing up to six players to compete at any one time. And our fully-trained staff member will be there throughout to explain the rules and help competitors get the best from this fascinating game.Organise a Tournament for staff, friens and or business associates. Rodeo bull or Bucking Bronco Hire. Terrific fun, thrills and entertainment. Ever popular for your party or event to give your guests something to remember. We offer a traditional Wild West themed rodeo bull or the full range of variations, including Chrismas Rodeo Reindeer, flying carpet, Rodeo Camel, Rodeo Sheep and more Our Bucking Rodeo Bull is the latest technology and in excellent condition. It offers numerous speeds, it spins, bucks, and tries to throw off the rider at a number of levels and has a bright visual display so everyone can see how long your guests can hold on for, creating a fun competitive atmosphere. Organise a Tournament for staff, friens and or business associates.
Stoolball Equipment Set Hire. Hire a set of stoolball equipment for your next event, tournament,fun day or picnic.Great for all ages to play, fantastic team building and loads of fun . Played extensively in Sussex and South. Organise a Tournament for staff, friens and or business associates. Air Hockey Table HIRE is a classic game it's an addictive and high-energy game for all ages and abilities.  Perfect for indoor events our Air Hockey Table will provide hours of fun for your guests as they compete against each other For 2 or 4 players, try to be the first to score ten goals against the opposition. Players use the paddles to hit the puck along the surface of the table, which has jets of air from below to reduce resistance and make the puck fly . this is a super fast reaction game that is easy to play, maybe a little harder to master. Table Football Hire - foosball / Fussball, Table Soccer . We can offer up to 9 high quality pro matching tables for competitions, tournaments and events. Our tables have recessed goals, fast glass playing surface and all important telescopic sliders. Rent by Evening / Day, Week or longer. Top Professional quality, full size and matching colour.
Up to 11 Tables available for Tournaments
Rounders Equipment Hire, Hire a Rounders England approved Rounders Set (or sets) for your sports day, company picnic or fun event. Rounders is a game that everyone knows how to play and can be played by all ages and abilities together with very little organisation or explaing required. Rounders numbers can be very flexible for non competition games. Organise a Tournament for staff, friens and or business associates.
Sports Races Equipment Hire. Sports Day sports races, just like at school ! Equipment Hire, Sack race , Egg and Spoon , Three legged, Tug of War, Spacehoppers, Stilts, Caterpillar, Welly Toss and all those great family and kids races. With Footballs, skipping ropes, big buckets, hoops, balls, skittles, Rounders bat and much much more.. run your own fun event. 8 full sets of equipment.... The Sports Day races equipment is specifically suitable for adult Human Table Football Inflatable .. from SportsdayHire . Hire this huge inflatable version of the table football ( Fooseball) game. Participants play 5-a-side football in a 50ft x 25ft Inflatable themed arena safely strapped to poles. ideal for Team Building fun, organise yourselves a tournament, we can supply multiple units.
Our versions have the quality Aluminium cross poles .. Outdoor or inside. Organise a Tournament for staff, friens and or business associates.
Volleyball Court Inflatable Hire .. Full size Beach Volleyball court for superb safe fun. this unit is fully themed and a huge 50ft x 25ft. Ideal for all ages to play. Team building, competitions, fun and games. The inflated bed allows for the most fantastic dives and saves as well as being able to jump that bit higher Organise a Tournament for staff, friens and or business associates.
Basketball Hoops for Hire .. Quality Full Size Freestanding Basketball Hoops . These Heavy Duty units are specifically designed to be portable for coaching and games in every type of location, indoors, street or outside, for adults or Kids. Cricket Set for Hire, suitable Adults and young adults. A comprehensive complete package for a game, with quality equipment all contained in a storage case that you can collect, be delivered or sent to you by overnight courier
Table Tennis Table Hire .. We rent Outdoor and Indoor quality Table Tennis tables for fun days, fun office and association competition use, parties, occasions and wherever. Hire by Day, Week or longer. Our outdoor tables are fully weather resistant so you dont have to be concerned if it rains on your event. Organise a Tournament for staff, friens and or business associates.
Hire a Tug of War Rope .. Rent this official length 35M and regulation diameter Tug of War Rope , with official markings for fun competitions at your event, sports day, picnic or corporate day. Great fun for all ages, but take care mixing ages and sizes
Rope is marked for Centre, Scoring pull, team position.
Organise a Tournament for staff, friens and or business associates.
Volleyball Nets Hire. Hire a Volleyball net for the Park, Beach , Fun or Tournament. We supply top quality leisure (Park and Sun) and Tournament quality nets (Sportset). All nets are full regulation size as well as being height adjustable for men or ladies play. Have fun in the park with a single net with office friends or organise a tournament.
Hire Dart boards, Hire a Darts Board (Dartsboard) These super quality free standing bristle board set up come complete with traditional dry wipe scoreboard, safety valance, lighting, rubber mats and a supply of darts. You have everything you need for a Tournament at Pub, Club, Office , Company Picnic or Sports event. Darts is an activity that is all inclusive, young and old, able bodied and those with disabilities compete on equal terms. Playing darts is a great way to pass the time with good friends and good laughs.These are top qulity units that look fantastic in any situation or location Organise a Tournament for staff, friens and or business associates.
Winners Podium, winner's presentation podium for Hire . Got a winner, need a podium then hire this large but lightweight (can easily be carried by 1 person) unit, in one piece. HALF SET sports races set, pre packed and ready to go with 5 off of each of our most popular races, plus a whole host of accessories. Any location, sent by overnight courier
  For a quick price please call us on
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For a quick and accurate quote it helps us if you can let us know the date of your event, timings of your use as well as any access timings and other limitation. Also we need the location and any limitations on acess and set up. The more items you enquire/book together the better the price as we can offer savings when items and staff share the transport.
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For Best Value ..
A significant part of the cost of all event activities and equipment hire these days is delivery and collection costs (transport). It is hugely better value if we can supply a minimum of 2 or 3 items that can all come in the same vehicle along with the staff. Always ask about a package price for items and remember we will probably have all the accessories you need such as Tables and Chairs, Pop Up Marquees, PA system, fencing etc etc.

For a quick price please call Nick on
01424 775450 or
e mail info@impact-events.co.uk