Rodeo bull or Bucking Bronco Hire. Terrific fun, thrills and entertainment. Ever popular for your party or event to give your guests something to remember. We offer a traditional Wild West themed rodeo bull or the full range of variations, including Chrismas Rodeo Reindeer, flying carpet, Rodeo Camel, Rodeo Sheep and more Our Bucking Rodeo Bull is the latest technology and in excellent condition. It offers numerous speeds, it spins, bucks, and tries to throw off the rider at a number of levels and has a bright visual display so everyone can see how long your guests can hold on for, creating a fun competitive atmosphere.
Our Rodeo Bull , Bucking Bronco is available in London, South East and Home Counties. Contact us for a quote today and remember the more you book the better the value with savings on delivery and collection costs. See the technical information below.

Our Rodeo Bulls and delivered, set up and operated by our experienced staff .. an operated item includes full public liability insurance and we supply a risk assessment.

Rodeo Bull Hire Rodeo Bull

Rodeo Bull

You'll need more than sheer brute strength if you want to stay on board our wild bull. If you've got a good sense of balance and you can detect which movement the bull is about to do then there's just a chance you'll come out the winner. But more often than not you'll find the bull has dumped you safely on our inflatable floor surround.
Rodeo bull and our other attachments are just perfect for just about all ages at events such as parties, school fetes, company fun days, staff appreciation days, and corporate events. And if you're thinking of a Wild West-themed event it's a must-have!

Accessories: Comes with Mat, extension cable 25M

Technical Information:
Item size 5.5M x 5.5M x 3.0M Space Required 6.5M x 6.5M x 3.8M
Mains Power or Generator (extra charge)
Age Suitability:
All ages (1.2M and above)
Access Requirements:
Double width doors, No stairs
Set Up Time: Approx 30 mins

Staffing and Delivery options:
Delivered, set up and staffed No self operate option
Indoors on Hard Surface or outdoors on grass,mix, Hard surface

For a quick and accurate quote it helps us if you can let us know the date of your event, timings of your use as well as any access timings and other limitation. Also we need the location and any limitations on acess and set up. Call, e mail or use the enquiry form

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