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We can offer a huge range of Equipment, Activities and Fun for Garden Parties, Weddings and other outdoor events. Fun games, sports items, catering and a full range of support equipment. Including games like Croquet, Giant Chess, Boules,Horseshow Toss,Table Football,Badminton,Quoits, Giant Jenga, Giant 4 in a line (Connect 4) and so much more.
Prices to include Delivery, Setting Up, Breakdown and Collection. Staffing/supervision available on request. We will always deliver as many items as possible in one vehicle to save on transport costs. For a quick price please call us on 01424 775450 or e mail info@impact-events.co.uk

Croquet Sets: Top quality Pro sets from a major manufacturer, Full 4 player, hand crafted with 2 slightly different Mallet sizes. Composite balls, 6 hoops, corner flags, Centre peg , Rules and layout instructions. If required we will set up your 'lawn' or playing area for you. Top quality 'outdoor grade Table Tennis Tables, happy even if it rains on your parade.Including 4 Bats per table and plenty of ball, all set ready for use Boules (Petanque) Sets. Multiple sets ready for use on
any surface.. you dont need the traditional french
surface. Includes jacks and measure tapes
Giant Chess Set, Extra large pieces (The King stands 60cm Tall) Supplied with a mat 3M x 3M suitable for almost any surface. Giant 4 in a Line (or also known as Connect 4). Loved by all, so easy to play yet so competitive Half Set Sports Races Equipment Set. 5 off of each
Sack race, Egg and Spoon, 3 legged ties,stilts,skipping
ropes plus balls, bean bags, buckets, cones, markers, megaphone, whistle, frisbee, rounders bat and ball, Perfect for the smaller event. See a 'Full Set' at SportsdayHire
Full Size, regulation weight, length and diameter Tug of War Rope. Complete with all markings as well as ground markers. Dont be fooled into using anything other than an approved rope, accidents can happen ! Target Football Goal. 12ft x 6ft goal with Target net and 18 foam footballs that anyone can kick, its skill not brute force and terrific fun Table Football 'Foosball' Tables. Who doesnt enjoy these. We have top quality tables with recessed goals and 'safe' telescoping bars . A glass surface ensures fast and furious action.
Short Tennis. A lower than usual net, played on a Badminton sized court with special racquets and specific 'slo-mo' balls makes this the perfect summer afternoon activity for all. Rounders ..Of course you can, everyone can. Our sets include 'regulation' bats, marker posts and bases, competition balls, pitchers and batter mats.. even a tape to mark out the pitch. But of course flexibility on pitch and team size is part of what makes Rounders great Horseshoe Toss .. 4 Competition Horseshoes and stake on a metal plate (so you dont have to drive it into the ground). Comes with throwers plate, sand to surround stake and back barrier
Hoops for Hire for Hula Hooping . Great exercise and fun as well. Hire a set of hoops on a stand for your next fun sports event. These ARE NOT the cheap plastic tubes, but perfectly round weighted Danc / Exercise hoops (medium weight) with non slip taped surfaces 4ft diameter. 12 of them on a stand Hire our Popcorn and Candy Machines on carts .. fun food for your event. Pocorn by pre booked portions, unlimited Candyfloss on sticks. Ice Cream pre order for free distribution. These are a staffed item. 9 hole mobile Crazy Golf Hire game,Typical summer fun. De Luxe version, can be set up on grass, concrete or indoor surfaces. It's a portable, traditional mobile 9-hole game with large raised metal framed bases, quality turf and fantastic traditional fibreglass obstacles.

This Giant Jenga alternative mirrors the original wooden block game but re-sized to giant proportions to create our very own tumble towers. This Giant Tumble Tower consists of 56 beautifully-crafted pine blocks, building a 19 level tower of 90cm at the start of the game

Quoits (Hire) is a traditional lawn game of skill and accuracy, ideal for players of any age. Players throw a Quoit ring, aiming to land them over wooden pegs mounted on the base. The varnished wooden base measures 51cm square and comprises five 17cm high wooden pegs each offering a different score

Get Knotted also known as Twister. 2.5M x 2.5M Heavy duty vinyl base. With a spinner
Tables and Chairs Hire for your event. Terrific value when booked alongside our other activities and able to travel in the same transport. Clean white comfotable chairs and practical rectangular tables with a smart clean top. Large quantities available. Fairground and event Sideshows, Side Stalls Hire. Solid and colourful traditional construction, beautifully painted and signwritten. For every sort of event, party or function, outdoors or indoors. We have lots of traditional stalls, Coconut Shie (shy), Hoopla, Tin Can Alley, Ball In a Bucket, Cork shooting , Hook A duck, Darts, Milk Churns, Splat The Rat and Milk The Cow. Also available is a Christmas version. Pop Up, Mini Marquee, Gazebo Hire . 3m x 3m ( 10ft x 10ft) Ideal for stalls,food stations, activity cover. You can choose to have these with or without walls. You can pitch this Gazebo on Grass, Decking, Patio or a hard surface, indoors or outside.
  For a quick price please call us on
01424 775450 or
e mail info@impact-events.co.uk
Giant Snakes and Ladders Hire . 2.5M x 2.5M Heavy duty vinyl base. With a huge Dice    

For a quick and accurate quote it helps us if you can let us know the date of your event, timings of your use as well as any access timings and other limitation. Also we need the location and any limitations on acess and set up. The more items you enquire/book together the better the price as we can offer savings when items and staff share the transport.
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For Best Value ..
A significant part of the cost of all event activities and equipment hire these days is delivery and collection costs (transport). It is hugely better value if we can supply a minimum of 2 or 3 items that can all come in the same vehicle along with the staff. Always ask about a package price for items and remember we will probably have all the accessories you need such as Tables and Chairs, Pop Up Marquees, PA system, fencing etc etc.

For a quick price please call Nick on
01424 775450 or
e mail info@impact-events.co.uk