Fairground,Mirrors Hire, bendy distorting mirrors Hire. Set of 5 freestanding mirrors on sturdy frames, variety of distortions. These mirrors are large enough for more than 1 person in the reflection at a time. Ideal for parties, promotions and events of all kinds. Longer term Hire available on request
Usually supplied with picket fence surround .. supervised or self supervision.


Fairground Mirrors Bendy Mirrors
Magic Bendy Mirrors

Technical Information:
Each Mirror 2m x 2M x 2.4M
PowerRequirments: none
Age Suitability:
Access Requirements:
1M or single width doors (these are heavy items)
Set Up Time: Approx 30 mins
Staffing and Delivery options:
Delivered, set up and staffed or self supervision
Indoors or Outdoors under cover, any surface

For a quick and accurate quote it helps us if you can let us know the date of your event, timings of your use as well as any access timings and other limitation. Also we need the location and any limitations on acess and set up. Call, e mail or use the enquiry form

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For Best Value ..
A significant part of the cost of all event activities and equipment hire these days is delivery and collection costs (transport). It is hugely better value if we can supply a minimum of 2 or 3 items that can all come in the same vehicle along with the staff. Always ask about a package price for items and remember we will probably have all the accessories you need such as Tables and Chairs, Pop Up Marquees, PA system, fencing etc etc.

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