Will equipment and Activities I Hire be covered by Public Liability Insurance
When we staff and 'operate/supervise' equipment and activities we provide then our Public Liability Insurance will be in force. Equipment you Hire but operate yourselves will not be covered by ourselves, but your corporate or association Insurance cover may well apply.
Item Insurance: You are responsible for the equipment you hire from us when you operate yourselves. Whilst normal 'wear and tear' is accepted, damage, breakage and loss will be charged for. If you are hiring without staffing you should ask us for equipment values

Can you send me a Risk Assessment ?

If we are operating the hired item we can supply you with a comprehensive Risk Assessment (and Method statement if applicable) on request. If you are supervising yourselves then you will (may) need to produce your own assessment based on the use/supervision of the item. We can often help with some guidelines and sample text on how to produce this.

How far in advance will you deliver, can you deliver the day before ?
As a general rule we will plan to be at your event and set up ready to go 1 hour before your guests arrive, this gives our staff a break after driving and set up. We commence breakout immediately the event finishes, unless previously agreed.
We can often arrange to arrive earlier, even the day before .. but as this involves extra staffing hours and journey times additional costs/charges will be made, please check with us for a revised price.

What if my event over-runs ?
If your event oreruns, as everyone is hopefully having such a good time, we will always if possible extend the operating/open time. The charge for this will be pro-rata per hour or part therof of the original charge. Same applies if breakout is delayed beyond the agreed time

Are your staff qualified, CRB checked and smart. do they wear a branded uniform ?
All our staff are vetted and checked, any that are operating 'childrens' activities will have been CRB checked. Our mature staff are experienced, professional, smartly turned out, couteous and helpful. The staff wear a standard polo shirt/sweat shirt to brand 'Staff', they do not carry any 'Impact Events' branding

Will your equipment fit my venue ?
Our equipment and activity listings contain useful information on size and weight, it is your resposibility to check if you think there may be a problem (we cannot be responsible if items cannot access your venue). Specifically heavy/large items and stairs are a problem as are undersize and non 'goods' lifts, Also note that revolving glass doors can be very problamtic .... if in doubt please check with us in advance.

What are the Hire, Delivery and Staffing options ?
Items can be delivered and collected, delivered/collected including set up/breakdown, delivered/set up/collected and fully operated by ourselves. A limited number of items can also be sent by an overnight courier serviceI dont have electrical power available ?Many inflatable items can run on petrol rather electrical blowers , or we can include generators to power everything (additional charge incurred)

Can I charge for use of items I hire from you, will operators collect money ?

Yes you can charge for use at events (school fetes etc). Our staff can collect tickets/tokens but cannot collect monies on your behalf so you will need to make suitable arrangements to have your own staff or sell tickets.

Are you the same company as 'SportsdayHire' ?
Yes, Unices Ltd also includes SportsdayHire, we brand on seperate websites to assit our customers to find us and the items they need more easily.